Most pages you go to on the site will have pricing information. Since there are many variables and options, and because every client has diffferent requirements, it is best to call and go over the details with the photographer, to get the best quote for your portrait session. Below are listed some of the base session fees for various services.

Weddings. We offer many packages incorporating various combinations of time, portrait sessions, portraits, albums and photographs. Just placing a price list of these packages on this site would leave you wondering how they all work. It is much easier to set up a complimentary consultation to visually see how each package relates to its contents. Our prices start at $1,300 for a small coverage to $5,900.00 for a complete all inclusive coverage. Also available are designer packages, whereby couples can come by and see what options are available and discuss their particular needs and budget that might not be included in one of our preset packages.

Portraits. We charge a portrait creation fee. This fee varies according to studio and/or location sessions, the number of poses, set and clothing changes, and the number of family combinations. There is also a separate creation fee for our Designer portrait series. The client can then pick from a selection of previews and purchase on an a la carte basis. It is best to call and discuss your particular needs with the photographer. There are often specials, offered at various times of the year, when the session and a set number of photographs are included.

Model Portfolios. Portfolios range from $175.00 to $600.00 and up. There are too many variations to list here.

Boudoir. Intimate lingerie, nude or boudoir photo sessions start at around $135.00, not including a stylist.

Photographic Restoration. Nearly all of our photo restorations are done digitally now. Basic charges include scanning, computer art time, transfer and output. Each job is different depending on the original images to be copied and/or restored. Computer time is at $60.00 per hour, with a $15.00 minimum. Scanning and output charges vary according to file sizes and final print sizes, quantities and storage media.

Seniors. Senior sessions start at $65 for in studio photography. Packages start at $80.

Headshots. Business and corporate headshots session fees start at $50 in the studio, and $100+ for on location. Prints and electronic media and transfer are all additionally priced. Acting and theatrical headshot sessions are $125 and include 1 8x10 print. Hair and make-up are extra.