What is your photography style?
I have my own particular style of photographing weddings. It is a blend of both tradtional and contemporary posing, that I find to be a more relaxed, informal type of photography, allowing the couple to enjoy their day, capturing those special moments when they occur spontaneously. I do not specialize in the current trend of photojournalistic photography. I use both black and white and sepia film for those who would like a different look to their photographs.At this time I still prefer the look of film over digital capture and a preview book of original photographs for my clients to take home rather than online viewing.

What type of camera do you use and do you take back up equipment?
My choice of camera is a medium format. The camera is designed to use a larger negative to give you the best quality prints and enlargements. Of course I take back up equipment with me. Despite using the finest equipment made, there are a few instances when thngs can break, so it is imperative to take one or two complete back up systems to every event.

What happens if you get sick or for some reason cannot photograph my wedding?
I have been extremely lucky during the course of the last 15 years of photographing weddings, in as much as I have never been sick. In the event of sickness or some other catastrophic reason for not being able to be there, I have an associate that would cover for me. If my associate was unable to be there also, a very competent photographer belonging to the Professional Photographers Guild Of Austin, (of which I am a member (see links) would be able to stand in for me.

What happens if I need to cancel or postpone my wedding?
Hopefully this will never happen. If you decide to postpone your wedding to another date and I am still available, all deposits will transfer over to the new date. If you decide to cancel completely, and I am unable to book another wedding on that date, you can either use your deposits towards some other photography service or forfeit them.


What is your photography style?
Eveyone is different in what they want from a portrait sesion. I like to work with each client to bring out the personalities and character of each person. Usually at a consultation a client will let me know what kind of look they are trying for, and perhaps suggest a few poses they have seen that might suit them. I will then use some of my own styles to refine these poses and expressions to make each session unique to that person.

What should I wear
Clothing is very important. It can make or break a great portrait. There are many details to take into consideration. When you set up your appointment please dicuss this with me, and I will suggest what is best for you to wear to your session.

Are my previews part of the session fee?
Most times they are not. They are used as a means of viewnig your poses and expressions, for you to make a selection from. They are of course available for you to purchase.

Thank you for taking the time to view my website. A little about my background.
I have been a Professional Photographer, owner and operator of my current studio for over 20 years now.
I have an Associates Degree in Technical Photography, and an Associate Fellowship Degree from the Professsional Photographers Guild of Austin.
I have been a member of this organization for over 13 years and have been on the Board of Directors for 9 years.
I was awarded the title of "Photographer of the year 1996" and "Photographer of the year 1997" 2nd place, by the Guild, and have won many awards both statewide and nationally.
I am a member of the Professsional Photographers of America Association and a past member of the Texas Professional Photographers Association.
I am also an Adjunct Associate Professor at Austin Community College where I have taught Photography courses for over 13 years.
I offer a full range of photography services, from instant passport photographs to digital photographic restorations.
Please call 447-4611 or 467-8750 for more information on my various services or

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